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Fire wood Log suppliers Hull
We are Hulls largest log supplier we sell timber seasoned or fresh cut depending on the time of year and demand.
During winter time we can not keep up with demand if there is very severe weather and timber will have less time drying.
On average our timber is dried for no less than 1-2 years
We also supply kindling prices are as follows
  • Logs 55 ber 1 ton bag free local delivery from hull up to 10 after this we charge 1  per mile 
  • kindling for starting fires from soft wood 2 per bag
Logging process.
finished product

 Bags ready for sale 

Good grade felled trees are selected.

Then cut in to 6-8 inch pieces.

Logs are first split in half or quarters depending on size.

Splitting logs.

Our logs seasoning (Drying) at our site in Hull before